Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The 2008 JT Sports National Championships

The JT Sports High School Paintball National Championships will be held in conjunction with the College Paintball National Championships presented by JT Sports.

Although the National Championships is open to any eligible team, the top teams from each of the six High School Regional Championships receive a $2,000 travel reimbursement if they attend the National Championship event.
6 Trips to the National Championships - Guaranteed!

The winner of each championship will receive a $2,000 travel reimbursement to attend the JT Sports High School National Championships, and a FREE entry fee! High School National Championship Budget
Airfare for Four: $1200
Three Nights Hotel: $300
Three Days Rental Car: $150
Entry Fee: Free!
Remaining for Food and Paint: $350
National Championship costs for Regional Championship winners: $0

The travel reimbursement is GUARANTEED for ALL SIX EVENTS! Even if there is only ONE team that registers for the event, that team WILL get the travel reimbursement to the National Championships!

Your Name on FOR A MONTH!

Each Regional Champion and National Champion team will have the names of their players featured in a banner on for a full month! is paintball's #1 internet forum with over 80,000 visitors a DAY! Don't miss your chance to be famous!

Regional Championships Calendar

JT Sports Southwest High School Paintball Regional Championships
Sunday, March 16, 2008
PSP Phoenix Open, Glendale, AZ
$100/team + Event Paint
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JT Sports Northwest High School Paintball Regional Championships
Sunday, March 30, 2008
Danger Zone Indoor, Tacoma, WA
$100/team + Event Paint
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JT Sports Midwest High School Paintball Regional Championships
Saturday, March 29, 2008
Sudden Impact, McLean, IL
$100/team + $50/case
Games Start at 9 AM
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JT Sports Northeast High School Paintball Regional Championships
Saturday, March 29, 2008
ECX Action Sports, Chesapeake City, MD
$100/team + TBA Paint
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JT Sports South-Central High School Paintball Regional Championships
March 29, 2008
Xdrenalin Zone, Dallas, TX
$100/team + $TBA/case
Games Start at 9 AM
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JT Sports Southeast High School Paintball Regional Championships
April 5, 2008
Dynamic Games, Winder, GA
$100/team + $47/case Draxxus Bronze
Games Start at 9 AM
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All events will be 3-man events using NCPA game rules (semi-auto only)


All players on a team for a particular school must be eligible to play for that school as determined by NCPA rules (see below). It is NOT necessary for your team to be officially recognized by your school. The ONLY requirement is that all of your players are eligible.

For private schools, only students who actually attend that school may play on that school's team. For public schools, the following players are eligible to play on that school's team:

Any student who is enrolled at that high school.
Any student enrolled in junior high school who would normally proceed to attend that high school after completing junior high school.
Any student who attends a private school, but would attend that public high school were they to leave the private school and enroll in public school.
Any student who is home-schooled, but would attend that public high school if they enrolled in public high school.
Any student who attends a 'magnet' school, but would attend the public high school if they elected not to attend the magnet school. To be considered a 'magnet' school, the school must accept students who would normally go to several different high schools were they not attending the magnet school, and enrollement in the magnet school must be voluntary. Voluntary means that, if the student wanted to, they could leave the magnet school AND they would then attend the team's public high school.
NO ONE ELSE is eligible to compete for a high school team. If you have any questions about eligibility rules, you should email or call (612)605-8323.

Team Sign-Up and Event Check-In

Sign-Up: All teams must sign up and pay their registration fee online. Click Here for detailed instructions

Check-In: (ID REQUIRED!) Each player must bring their photo student ID card. If you don't have a photo student ID card, you should bring a copy of your yearbook. If you don't have a yearbook, then you need a photo ID and a report card or transcript. Private and home schooled students should have a photo ID and proof of address. If you have trouble with these requirements, please email as soon as possible.

Players under 18 years of age whose parent will not be present at the event should download a waiver from the field where they will be playing and have that waiver signed by their parent and bring the waiver with them.

Common Questions:

My school doesn't like paintball. Can we still play? YES! The only requirement to compete is that the players on your team meet the NCPA eligibility rules (see above).

How many players may be on a team? You may have up to 5 players on the roster, but only three may play each game.

May we have more than one team? Each school may enter as many teams as they like.

My school district has two high schools. Can we play on the same team? Unfortunately, no. Each school must field its own team.

When will the layouts be released? Field layouts will not be released in advance of the events. Arrive at the event to allow time for field walking.

Are team jersies required? Although matching uniforms are encouraged, they are not requried for high school competition.

Other Questions?

Contact the NCPA at or (612)605-8323.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

2008 NCPA tournaments

Hopefully in the near future Moon can send a few players to the NCPA regional paintball challenge if you are interested then register for an APPA number.

to register for the NCPA tournaments:
1. Go to
2. Select the High School Tab.
3. Click on National Championships.
4. Click on Registration.
5. Click the Fill out this form Button.
6. Fill out your Information and keep Back-up records.
7. Ask me about the Teams currently the only team is #8499.


Monday, February 4, 2008


Paintball Club Meetings will now only take place durring club period or days we have a club meeting in room 113. The meetings will have more emphasis on the paintball team and members who are interested in playing on a high school team in tournaments and events.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Urban Assault Paintball

Today I went to one of Pittsburgh's premiere Paintball fields, Urban Assault Paintball and i met my mentor Devin, who showed me around the indoor field and directed me in detail the steps to serve customers and safety procedures. I recommend this field to everyone and if this club works out, I hope to have the first meeting here and possibly the tournament. visit there website at I foresee future times i go there and work with them to better understand Paintball.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Hello and welcome to the Moon Area Paintball blog check back here for updates, future events and to discuss Moon Paintball if you have any questions email me at or see me at school at one of the meetings on club days.